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José Antonio Alarcón - PETCORE

José Antonio has a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Granada (Spain) and PDD from the Austral University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jose Antonio has been involved in the Plastics industry for 35 years, mainly concentrated in the PET industry, involved in Virgin PET, Co-polyesters, Recycling and Packaging business. He has developed his carrier in Multinational companies as Eastman, Artenius, and Selenis. José Antonio is currently CEO of IGBS, dedicated to Technical, Operational and Business consultancy, with special focus on the Plastic industry. As independent consultant, he has collaborated in the past with Petcore-Europe as coordinator of the Thermoforming Working Group He´s currently collaborates with Indorama in Different recycling integration projects. In December 2022, Jose Antonio started a collaboration with Petcore Europe to work as Secretary of the Functional Barrier Consortium.

Sixto Arnaiz - Fundación GAIKER (Technology Centre)

Sixto Arnaiz studied Chemical Sciences at the Basque Country University (UPV/EHU) where he specialised in Industrial Chemistry (to complete the Master Degree (MSc)), and Chemical Engineering (to achieve the Doctoral Degree (PhD)). He was hired as a researcher at GAIKER Technology Centre in the year 1998 and currently is the Head of the Recycling and Circular Economy Area. He has large experience in the execution and managing of applied research projects related to recycling and recovery technologies and sustainability assessment. Among others, his expertise covers activities related to: (1) definition of schemes to manage both postconsumer and industrial wastes and end-of-life equipment and to derive recycled plastics and other materials, (2) development of advanced recycling operations based on technologies for the separation and the automatic identification and sorting of materials, (3) research on pyrolysis and solvolysis processes for the chemical recycling of plastic wastes.

Isabel Arroyo - DOW

Isabel joined Dow in 1995 and has held technical roles within the Packaging and Specialty Plastics business. She has an accumulated technical background working in different geographies with Packaging converters and end-users. Isabel currently leads the technical development of products and solutions incorporating raw materials from post-consumer packaging waste. Isabel holds a degree in Chemistry from the Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master\'s degree in Chemistry from the Simon Fraser University in Canada.

Jorge Ávila - INTECSA

Currently leading the plastics and textiles recycling business division in Intecsa Industrial. With a strong focus on circular economy, my current responsibilities envelop business and projects development in regards of polymeric waste recycling and secondary raw materials recovery. At present I am in charge of the development of an advanced recycling industrial plant based on innovative technology.


Virginie Bussières - PYROWAVE

Mrs. Bussières, VP of Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations at Pyrowave, boasts extensive experience in strategic counsel, comms, and public affairs, particularly in environmental and manufacturing sectors. Leading recycling and packaging projects, she\'s fostered local and global partnerships, advancing circular economy development. Holding a BA in Communications and Political Science, plus an MBA, she\'s gained profound insights into political, legal, and business matters. Her proficiency in communications strategies, government relations, corporate social responsability, along with team engagement, promotes Pyrowave\'s innovative plastic recycling tech in local and global markets. Additionally, she teaches public relations at Université de Montréal and serves on committees.

Daniel Campo Voegeli - BASF

Since September 2017, he has been Sales Director of the BASF Group in Spain and Portugal. He is part of the Management Committee of the BASF Group in Iberia. He started his career at BASF in 1995 and his career has been linked to Sales since then. Between 2010 and 2017 he was BASF Group Sales Director for Italy and Greece. Between 2002 and 2005 he moved to Germany where he was European Sales Director of Polymers for the Paints segment, a responsibility he continued to exercise until 2010 from Spain. From 2005 he was also responsible for the Southern Europe sales team for the Polymers Division. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Zurich and an MBA from IESE and Berkeley (USA).

Marien de Lint - FILIGRADE

FiliGrade Sustainable Watermarks BV Executive Board member responsible for development of strategic relationships and alignment of product development with market priorities. Key focus is launching customer programme for CurvCode digital watermark technology. Ensures that FiliGrade strategic goals are aligned with sustainability concerns and financial objectives of investors.

David del Agua Hernánez - SABIC

Polymer Chemist with more than 15 years of experience in the field of the engineering thermoplastics. He conducted his PhD in the Polymer Photochemistry department of the ICTP and he obtained his PhD by the Complutense University. He is also member of the Polymer Chemistry Group of the Spanish Royal Chemistry Society board panel. After finishing his PhD he started to work in SABIC . Along his professional career he has been responsible of the development of new polycarbonate grades for different applications as automotive, sheet extrusion, Electrical and Electronics and optical applications. In the last years, he actively worked in the development of the new PC sustainable portfolio within the SABIC TRUCIRCLE® initiative.

Mireia Fernández - AIMPLAS

She is the leader of the AIMPLAS Chemical Recycling department. She studied Chemistry at the Universitat de València and has a master’s degree in Sustainable Chemistry from the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV). She has been working at AIMPLAS since 2020. She has experience in the synthesis of polymers through low environmental impact routes as well as in the organic synthesis of high-value-added additives from biomass. Her research is focused on the valorization of plastic waste through physical recycling such as dissolution and extraction processes and chemical recycling techniques such as depolymerization by solvolysis or thermo-chemical processes. In addition, she is a member of the flame retardants research group at AIMPLAS, where she investigates the recovery of high-value-added flame-retardant additives and the elimination of legacy substances from fireproof plastic waste.

Roberto Freire - LEISTRITZ

Roberto Freire Matteucci, 37 years old, born in Ecuador. He completed his Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, specializing in computer-integrated product and process design. In his early years, he was involved in the development and design of extrusion lines for compounding and recycling applications. Since 2014, he has been part of the Leistritz sales team as sales manager for Spanish-speaking countries worldwide, and since 2023 as Global Sales Director for recycling and biopolymer applications.

Yolanda Fuster - DOEET MES


In 2021 he founded the company Promak Selling Solutions, SLU, which offers and represents various technologies related to plastics recycling and wood processing, among others to the Italian company Break Machinery. His studies as a Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Organisation Engineer led him in 2002 to move to Germany and work for Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG, where until 2011 he was responsible for sales for the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American markets, coordinating the factories of Pallmann do Brasil in Sao Paulo and Pallmann Industries in New Jersey (USA). In 2011 he returned to Spain to create the subsidiary Pallmann Ibérica until 2021 when he created his own company Promak. During these years he has been a speaker at several seminars and conferences and has taken part in all national and international trade fairs in the plastics recycling sector.

Andreas Habrich - Kubota Brabender Technologie

Andreas Habrich holds a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from University of Duisburg and specialised himself in plastics processing. He is sales engineer at Kubota Brabender Technologie GmbH since 2015 and responsible for the Spanish and Portuguese market since 2018. Kubota Brabender Technologie is one of the leading producers of feeding and discharging equipment. With more than 65 years’ experience it’s specialized in the production and development of gravimetric and volumetric feeders.

Óscar Hernández - ANARPLA

Engineer specialised in waste and business, with two master\'s degrees, an MBA and a master\'s degree in waste management, He is currently furthering his education by studying a law degree. 20 years working in the world of waste since he started at the age of 18 as an operator in the waste collection at the same time he was studying. He worked in several positions within FCC, then in the technical office of Ecoembes and now closing the cycle of waste management as General Manager of ANARPLA, the Spanish National Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Roser Herrero - UBE

Roser Herrero, Circular Economy Manager at UCE. She holds a degree in Chemistry and a master\'s degree in International Trade, For ten years she has developed her functions in the UBE Research and Development Center, three of them as responsible for the development of new materials. She is currently part of the Strategic Business Development Unit as head of Circular Economy, where she is leading projects aimed to promote circularity, as well as participating in different national and European organizations and working groups related to sustainability.

Susana Herrero - AIMPLAS

Susana Herrero - AIMPLAS


BSc in chemical sciences, with a double major in analytical chemistry and clinical chemistry. I have been trained and worked for 25 years as technical laboratory manager in a rubber articles company, in charge of different fields, research, formulation and development of rubber compounds of the main types, both for extrusion and calendering, laboratory tests, approval and purchase of raw materials, certification of finished products under international standards. Lead auditor and ISO9001 quality manager. Member of the ISO CTN53/SC1 standardization committee. Responsible for environmental and waste management of the company. Health and occupational safety manager.

Pilar Martín-Luengo - CONSORCIO DEL CAUCHO

PhD. Chemistry, expert in management and consultancy of R&D+I projects and acquisition of grants for local, national and international R&D projects. I am an expert in the sectors of materials chemistry (construction, rubber, plastics and polymers, in general) and environment (waste, water and renewable energies). Expert in chemicals legislation (REACH, CLP, Sustainable Chemistry Strategy). I have implemented integrated quality and laboratory testing certification systems. I have performed functions of Product Manager and Technical-Commercial of B2B Specialized Services. I have worked in both SMEs and multinationals but always in an international environment so I have a high level of English and French.


He holds a Master in Industrial Business Management from the IQS School of Management Barcelona and a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the Universitat de Barcelona. He is currently workin as Product Manager in Carburos Metálicos (Air Products) and is in charge of the Specialties & Traded Gases Business Unit, driving growth across the targeted segments joining marketing, sales, product and pricing strategies. He also worked in GRIT (Gases, Research, Innovation & Technology) and DS Smith Madrid.

Fernando Molinuevo - MESBOOK

Managing partner of Mesbook. Experience in the auxiliary automotive, food and installation assembly industries. Focused on continuous improvement and the growth of organisations through their professionalisation. Extensive experience acquired through work carried out in the different areas of the company (R&D, quality, production, controlling, operations, factory management and sales).


PhD in Chemistry from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Master\'s degree in Polymer Science and Technology from CSIC and Postgraduate in Public Affairs Management from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas ICADE. For 10 years she worked at the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology of CSIC and since 2013 she is Head of Public Affairs and Sustainability at Plastics Europe Spain. She collaborates in several interest groups in the industrial sector, as well as a speaker in several university masters and congresses on Circular Economy.

Adrián Morales - AIMPLAS

Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Valencia with a Master in Waste Management and Treatment at the University of Cadiz. He is the leader of the Mechanical Recycling department of AIMPLAS. Previously, he was also part of different AIMPLAS departments such as Functional Printing (2016) and Sustainability and Industrial Valorisation (2019). His main expertise is in the mechanical recycling of plastics in general and the recycling of food contact plastics in particular, with experience and training in the legislation in this field. He develops activities such as research and training in the recycling of plastic waste and the recycling of plastics for food contact, as well as in the optimisation of different processes in the same field. He collaborates in different national and international projects mainly focused on the recycling of plastic materials. He is also an accredited auditor for EuCertPlast, Recyclass, Blue Angel and UNE-EN-15343 certifications. He also advises companies on how to obtain an EFSA authorisation for a recycled product with food suitability.

Alejandro Navazas - EURIC

Alejandro Navazas is a biologist specialized in environmental topics like waste cleanup and hazardous substances. He obtained his doctorate while working as a research scientist at the Centre for Environmental Sciences in Belgium. After his PhD, he moved from research to lobbying. Since joining EuRIC in 2020, his main focus is addressing technical issues at the intersection of chemicals, products, and waste legislation of materials recovered from plastics and tyres.

Guillem Pérez - ARITEX

Guillem Pérez, a Pre-sales Technician at Aritex Code, a unit dedicated to assisting companies in their journey towards digital transformation. He brings experience from two different startups as a software developer, where he played a key role in transforming the founders\' ideas into products for market launch. Additionally, he has spent several years in the construction sector, collaborating with companies to implement new BIM methodologies and enhance their performance through software solutions.

Carlos Prieto - PLASTIC ENERGY

Carlos has unique experience working for 20 years in business development in the telecommunications and energy sectors, as well as in representing and supporting consolidating companies through his 12 years of experience as a senior manager at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services. Prior to his experience at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Carlos gained extensive experience in his roles as Managing Director launching new telecommunications technologies, such as ONO\'s fibre optic and the third mobile operator AMENA in Spain, and leading marketing and business development for CEPSA, the Spanish Oil Company. Currently, alongside his role as Managing Director Spain at Plastic Energy, he also holds the position of Vice President of the Circular Economy Commission of CEOE.

Christian Sonnendecker - UNIVERSITY OF LEIPZIG

Dr. Christian Sonnendecker is a specialist in the field of Protein Engineering, with a focus on polymer-modifying enzymes. He earned his Ph.D. in 2019 in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Leipzig, where he developed biocatalysts and a process for the production and isolation of exotic, large-ring cyclodextrins. He also characterized the plastic-degrading enzyme PHL7 and deepened his expertise in the plastic value chain, polymer chemistry, and the further development of PHL7 and related enzymes. Through his integration into the EU research landscape, he qualified in the entire process chain from enzyme production to monomer recovery and PET resynthesis. Since 2020, he has been coordinating a university research project and is actively involved in science public relations.

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